The Deceivers

The Deceivers live outside the world; they think that you have built the world out of lies. They think the whole of Creation is a jungle of deceit that you have put up to keep from seeing yourselves the way you really are.

  • They love you but they love not that lie.
  • They come to unmake the world for you. They come to help you forget the Eyes and Ears and Nose, the Work and Home and School, the Trees and Wind and Laughter and Hearts and Hope.
  • They come because they think you marvelous, whatever it is they think you are — whatever thing they imagine, that you cannot imagine yourselves, lives behind these purported lies.
  • Because they see you as such, you may see yourselves as such, in them.
  • Their love is sneaky and dirty and beautiful and it makes you love yourselves. It is a gap of forgiveness and grace in the iron of the world.
  • They will not hesitate to hurt you, or lie to you, to open up that crack. They do not see the legitimacy of any of the things you believe in. They only see the soul.
  • In their eyes, it is like looking into night, and seeing yourself on a field, in open space and cradled in the arms of the earth and sky; and the stars look down, and one by one begin to fall. Sometimes that’s terrifying. Sometimes it’s loving, too. Sometimes it is a desecration of the sky and at other times a gift.
  • They are honest but they hate you in every particular; it is only the invisible essence that they love. They are the ones that tell you we need not judge ourselves forever for what we have done, but they are not approving of anything else that you may be.


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The Deceivers

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